Prestigious Meridian Street is not what most people think of as a location for condos.

The first thing most people think of is the portion of Meridian Street that was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1986 as "One of America's Great Streets."  What comes to mind for most are the amazing homes located along Meridian Street in the historic Meridian Kessler and Butler Tarkington neighborhoods.

But it is also a great address for many condos, townhomes, and lofts as well.

Condo buyers want convenience...and there is not a more convenient location to be found in Indianapolis than Meridian Street.  Meridian Street is the primary North/South Street on the Northside of Indianapolis.  It is described as "The Main Stem," in a book about the history of its historical homes.  

The lofts, townhomes, and condos that are located on Meridian Street are some of the most diverse offered in Indianapolis.  Converted warehouse lofts downtown, a unique church building, a high-rise condo building, several luxury communities, a gated community and two newer townhouse communities.  That's a lot of variety for one street!

For example: 

Downtown Indianapolis Condos on Meridian Street:

Meridian Lofts

Six Over Meridian

Indianapolis Athletic Club

Meridian Arch

And further North on Meridian Street you will find some smaller communities such as:

Coulter Flats

Meridian at 21

Even further North on Meridian Street in Washington Township you will find:

Tarkington Tower

40 North 


A very popular area for condos and townhomes in Indianapolis can be found along Meridian Street from 86th to 96th Streets and these include:

One West

Two West

Lions Gate

Meridian Square

Park Meridian

Easily one of the most recognizable addresses in the city of Indianapolis, Meridian Street is also the location of choice for many homeowners choosing the convenient lifestyle and location of condo living on Meridian Street.

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