Indianapolis has several great options for buyers wanting the feel of loft living.  But first, what defines a loft?  Lofts can be defined differently by different people, but some of the most frequently used descriptions of lofts include:

  • High ceilings
  • Big windows
  • Exposed brick, beams and duct work
  • Large open space
  • Industrial

Lofts are often converted from a warehouse or former factory and found in an "Arts District."  Indy is no different and most of the lofts in Indianapolis are found near the Mass Ave Arts & Theater District. 

The first loft conversion in downtown Indianapolis was the Lockerbie Glove and was completed in 1984. A history of the building and neighborhood can be found here.  Some of the best views of downtown Indianapolis can be found from these condos and the rooftop deck!  

When you are considering downtown Indianapolis lofts for sale the following communities are a must-see:

For the newer loft style check out Spring Street which was built in 2008.  A new construction development that has many of the traditional elements of a conversion loft is often referred to as a "Soft Loft."  (Something I learned researching this article!) Older conversions are known as "Hard Lofts."

It is a mistake to assume all lofts are in condo communities, like the ones listed above.  Many of the most unique and interesting lofts in Indianapolis are in single buildings or small conversions with two or three units.  It would be very difficult to list all of those locations as some have never been on the market for resale.

If you would be interested in knowing when any lofts are listed for sale in Indianapolis, contact me today at 317-507-3900 or and I can keep you up-to-date as new loft  listings become available.